VO2 Max Testing

What is VO2 testing?

VO2 is the measurement of the maximum amount of oxygen a person can utilise during intense exercise. VO2 Max essentially shows an individual’s ‘ceiling’ or ‘engine’ size. VO2 testing is regularly used by elite and professional athletes because the VO2 max score when used with the ventilation data gathered during testing is the most effective way to highlight weaknesses and individualise training.  

At Enduraprep we provide you with the same high-quality performance data you would receive if you visited a university or hospital in a friendly, accessible environment. Our aim is to enable all athletes from seasoned professionals to complete beginners the opportunity to reach their potential through comprehensive testing data.


Our test can provide great insights into the way your body works. While knowing your VO2 max is a great start our software highlights so much more. As well as the size of your ‘engine’ we can tell you how much of that engine you can use at your current fitness level. Also how aerobically strong you are and whether you are good at using fat as a fuel source or burn lots of glycogen (sugar) when you train. By highlighting these strengths and weaknesses we can suggest the best training methods to keep you improving.



The test is conducted as either a bike or running test. If running a treadmill is used, if cycling you can test using our Wattbike or we can test on your own bike. You will be attached to our equipment via a face mask and heart rate monitor. The test lasts for approximately 20 minutes (depending on fitness levels) over which time intensity is increased in 1-2-minute intervals, the test stops once maximum effort has been reached and power or pace output begins to fall. The test includes 2 minutes of recovery monitoring followed by a discussion of your results.


A printout of your individual results will include the following:

VO2 Max score.
Aerobic and anaerobic threshold heart rates.
4 unique training Zones.
✓ Cycling functional threshold power and training intensity zones. 
Recovery time.
Calorie expenditure at specific heart rates.

These results can allow for training plans to be manipulated to an individual’s bespoke training zones. Using this data you can be sure to train at the right intensity at the right time to get the best response from your training.

Sample Exercise Test Results Pack


Register here to book an appointment.

For group bookings or club visits please contact: Lawrence@enduraprep.co.uk.

Location: Maindy Leisure Centre, Crown Way, Cardiff, CF14 3AJ


On Day Of Test

Important Information

Appointments will last approximately 45 minutes.

NO FOOD OR DRINK to be consumed 4 hours prior to testing (apart from water).

NO STIMULANTS to be consumed within 4 hours of testing including tea, coffee and cigarettes.

NO EXERCISE at all on the day of testing.
For best results, preferably no exercise 24 hours prior to testing.
• Fill out this registration form and submit it with your booking.


How much does it cost?

VO2 Max Bike & Run Test - £130

Do I need to be fit to take the test?

In short, no, a test is the first step towards getting 'fitter.' Whether you are a lifetime athlete or sedentary the test can provide valuable insights into your fitness capabilities. You'll find out your current fitness levels but more importantly highlight what types of exercise and what intensity will get you the best results. We recommend testing when starting a training program and then retesting every 10-16 weeks to track progress and update your training intensity targets.

Why do I need to know my VO2?

A large proportion of athletes are training inefficiently without any knowledge of which specific heart rate, intensity or duration is needed to reach their goals. A VO2 max test will produce specific heart rate zones (for running) and power zones (for cycling). These will enable training plans to be manipulated producing a much more efficient training plan for greater results.

Can I change my VO2 Max score?

Yes, if you train at the correct mixture of intensities you can improve your VO2 Max score. Not only does a good VO2 Max score improve your performance but it is also a good indicator of overall cardiovascular health. You can also change your anaerobic threshold based on the type of training you are doing and perhaps where in your training cycle you might be.

Are bike and run VO2 Max different?

Yes. In most cases a run test will yield a higher VO2 Max score. Running uses more muscles than cycling therefore more oxygen is required and delivered to these working muscles. The same athlete can usually reach a higher peak heart rate running than they can cycling. Anaerobic and aerobic threshold heart rate will also be different for cycling & running therefore creating two sets of training intensity zones to work with.

What is anaerobic threshold? Why is it important?

The anaerobic threshold is the exercise intensity at which lactic acid accumulates faster within the body than it can be removed. With the correct training, over time, you can raise the intensity at which this happens and also become able to maintain this intensity for longer. A highly desirable training outcome for performance in endurance sports.

My Garmin can tell me my VO2 Max?

Yes, some Garmins and other sports watches can estimate VO2 Max using wrist sensors or chest straps however, the accuracy of this data varies hugely. These tests also only provide you with a VO2 Max score which on its own is largely unusable.

Is VO2 Max affected by body shape and size?

Yes, VO2 Max is unique to each individual and is correlated to height and weight amongst other factors such as where in the world you live.

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