Our approach to diet is really quite simple, and it works!
Enjoy a balanced diet and match your calories to your energy requirements, simple! Eat less than you burn and you’ll lose weight, eat more than you burn and you’ll gain weight. We believe it’s all about having a diet, not going on a diet.
When you make changes to your eating habits ask yourself ‘can I see myself doing this in a years’ time?’ If the answer is ‘No’ then it isn’t sustainable and is not the path to follow.
Laura achieved a first class honours degree in Nutrition at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Unlike a lot of nutrition courses out there this degree is accredited by the Association for Nutrition which means Laura is able to offer scientifically evidenced advice. No diet fads, just recommendations for healthy eating habits that promote long term good health. 


Via phone or video call.
£ 50 (€55 / $70 per hour)
  • Discussion & information gathering.
  • Meal planning & nutrition advice.
  • Goal setting & mentoring.

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